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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

lazy daisy

It's been fun this past week with Lydia home. 

We were even inspired to make a summer to-do list like she saw (somewhere??) online. 

I hope we are able to get it all in!  Something tells me I'll be stuffing mice at the pool again this year.

I've been feeling a little burned-out from everything lately and decided to extend my time off for just a bit longer.

I'm not updating this month on either The Primitive Gatherings or Early Work Mercantile.  Back for those in July for sure. 

I'll be catching up on everyone's blog soon also!  I know I've missed so much but I just need to be away from the computer right now. 

Weird??.... 'cause I'm really am addicted to this thing.

See you soon!!!
love ~ Jenn

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

taking a break to garden

I'm taking a week off to get my house and garden finished.  Not that those things ever get finished but you know what I mean. 

It's also my birthday week and I thought I deserved a week of weeding for a nice present.  Those darn gardeners just aren't coming!!
I am so pleased with my cottage garden this year.  (you know how we like to show off our babies.)  It really has taken off and is looking more like its been there for a while all rambley and wild. 

Now if only I could get a pretty little thatched roof cottage....

Have a great week.....until we meet again my friends. 

I'll miss ya!

Sunny hugs,

p.s. Petunia did have babies!  We've had these two hopping around for the last week.  So tiny they could fit in your hand.  And yes I know that is poison ivy up there.  It's been a good year for that also!

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