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Monday, May 23, 2016

Springtime at 1824 Walker Farmhouse

It's been a whirlwind around here.  I saw this posted today on Facebook "Summer vacation is our reward for surviving May."  I think it was pertaining to teachers, but it's relatable for all of us. I can't wait to lose the schedules, slow down, and recharge. We've been busy....and it seems like so is everyone else! 
It has taken me two weeks to post these pictures from the spring show at 1824 Walker Farmhouse. This was their 20th year in business and I am not surprised.  When you visit David and Audrey, you feel like you are on a mini-vacation.  Their shop and property is a calming little place for your soul, and they are the most kind, caring, and generous people you will ever meet.  It was a beautiful day filled with the most beautiful people.  

A little note....I was hurriedly taking these pictures while people were filling in the buildings behind me.  Plus it was really sunny, so my pictures are not the best. Not that I am complaining about all that gorgeous sunshine!!
 Sweet Henry was there to greet everyone 
Open for business!
Denise's lovely area in the shop was filled with treasures and all of the pretty signs that she creates.
   ....I did not see that geranium sign back there until just now or it would have been mine.
JoLee always has such beautiful antiques...it's so hard to control myself here!  
I'm still thinking about this pansy painting.
Melinda's displays are just lovely.  She had these pretty terra cotta bird houses, 
 and smaller ones that hang. I am in love with mine.
 Janice contributes to my spring fever every year with her gorgeous arrangements.
I already had a pussy willow wreath from a few years ago so....
I bought this one for my front door.
Bobbette visited us from Bell Buckle, TN.  She gave a lovely presentation on a women's role on the farm in the 1800's.  She made pretty aprons, and brought the best soap made from her own goats.
She made me the sweetest little gift too. I will treasure it always. 
I also received this pretty flower pot (in my favorite shade of blue) from a kind, faraway friend who lives in Wisconsin. She's a beautiful lady inside and out.  Her and her husband made a special side trip just for the show.  Thank you Mary & Kent!
In my hast to take pictures, I forgot to take a few of my own things.  Here are a couple that I posted earlier on Facebook that came to the show.

I am so happy with everything from that day.  We had so much fun!!  I sold tons but still have a few things left.  I will be adding them to an update that I am working on now.  

Thanks to everyone who came, and to all of you too for reading this long post!
xoxo Jenn

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Paddy's Day! Also an update on Rabbit Hill .....what??

I know, it's been forever!  I have a few finished pieces that I will be adding to my website today but first have to make dinner.  

Once the bread is in the oven, I'll get started posting things.  I have a few bunnies, and some pincushions too!  If you miss it, there is more I have to finish, and will list them as they get done.
If you're on my mailing list, I will be sending out a little reminder.

Next week, I hope to be listing some pretty vintage things also.
  We have kind of a traditional St. Patrick Day meal.  This year it will be corned beef sliders (the only day of the year I eat red meat, it's that good), colcannon potatoes, and soda bread.  Also we will be making Sea Salted Sunshine's yummy green smoothies (link for her blog and recipe is on the right). 
 Keeping with the tradition, we will definitely be watching "The Quiet Man".  I can't wait. 
I have been pining pretty Irish houses lately, (inspiration for the little pincushion above). Thought you all might enjoy.

Today is beautiful.

xo Jenn

"May your troubles be less, and your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door"

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Little birds

In the garden...

or on my sewing table....

I love little birds.

Have a happy day!

xo Jenn

*all items are sold
**source unknown for top 2 bird pictures found via pinterest

Monday, February 1, 2016

Moving into February with Blue Valentines

I've posted a few new items this month on Early Work Mercantile.  
You will find a bunny, 
 a few conversation hearts,
and a little mouser pincushion set.

For more information, and to visit the many other lovely, talented artists, please click the link here,  

Thanks always friends! 
xo Jenn

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tour of My Little Garden Shed Studio

I have the best commute to work ever.  A few years ago we found a great deal on a small potting shed. I wanted to move my organized mess of a studio out of our house so that we would have more space for company.

This is what my little studio looked like this morning peaking out from behind a sparkleberry bush in the snow...
and this is the day it arrived on a big flat bed truck.  It was very exciting, but stressful, seeing that building backing down our tiny alleyway.  I wasn't sure how it was going to fit. ( Here is a blog post that I wrote about the day it arrived.)
It's not very big inside, only 10' by 12'.
Most of my pictures are from earlier in the year.  I have two little parakeets living inside and it is just too cold and dreary to take pictures today.
The outside is still not finished.  I want to add a little porch, a tin roof, and I definitely need a french door for more lighting. (That's my practical side talking, my decorating side is saying "YES! A pretty french door!!)

The garden out front and around the side are always works in progress.  
I am trying to create a little cottage garden that looks like its been here for years. 
It's planted up with roses, flowers, berries, and herbs and has a potager garden on one side with veggies.

It's contained by a small boxwood hedge.

When we first moved in, my husband insulated, paneled, and painted the inside.  I hurriedly moved everything I had from the house so that I could get to work.  It was not very workable. I had too many things and it was scattered everywhere.

Last year my friend Jessica helped me completely reorganize it. Now everything is well-ordered and has a place. We did this on a very low budget.
On the right is my desk area.
I bought the desk for $5.00 in the basement of an old house!
Beside that is a skinny cabinet that holds many books, my patterns, and lots of old sewing pieces. You can see Iris's bed on top.  My sister-in-law, Anne, painted that pretty flower picture on an old cabinet door.
The happy little McCoy elephant planter was found in my grandfather's basement after he passed away. It's special to me.
On the right is my sewing table.  I bought this and the white wicker swivel chair at IKEA.
I now have a matching swivel chair that sits at the end of the table for when Jessica comes over and helps me get ready for a show.  It's all very businessy.  She's a GREAT friend!
Sunny and Daisy, doing their thing.
On the back wall is a long work bench.

 Lots of baskets and jars for storing.

 and more treasures too!
Underneath, behind the curtain is where most of my fabric is located, although I still have a "little" in the house.

Stored in the colored cubes are antique fabrics, homespuns, wools, florals etc.
 and the flat drawers hold all antique reproduction fabrics by color.
It's amazing how a little organization can work to make such a small space feel bigger. 
That's it!  Thanks for visiting me. It was fun to finally share my garden studio with you.
Have a lovely day my friends.  xoxo Jenn

Big Snowfall

Big Spring Blooms

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