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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Doesn't Hannah look positively happy?? She has been rolling around in the grass lovin life for a week now since the weather has been warm. I can't believe we are in April...I've missed a week somewhere??? I've been very busy here working on a bunch of new dolls, pincushions, sheep, cats etc... for an update on the Rabbit Hill website. Plus I've got some new "old things" coming.

With the weather being so nice, all I'm tempted to do is wander around the garden looking at all my tiny little "babies" (plants). Dino thinks I'm nuts...I think he just sees green. I love that everything is blooming predominately blue & yellow this time of the year. If you want a true blue flower get lungwort (I think its latin name is Pulmanaria), definitely one of my favorites! It spreads all over the garden and starts blooming the first sunny day. The flower opens pink and matures to a lovely shade of blue.

Besides all the wandering I have been raking lots and lots of leaves. I like to keep them in the garden over winter to protect everything ~ that's my excuse anyway.

I finally uncovered the Hellebores and they are just about the happiest flowers you could see. They put on a real show all the way through June. Then they have lots of babies which if you move away from the plant you will have lots of babies. They take a good four years to bloom but are so worth it, especially with the price of some Hellebores. My mom has a path going through her woods with these on both sides, I'll bet she has a hundred or so. Its just beautiful. When she retires she's got a nice secondary income there!

Have a happy week!!!

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