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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thank you!

I have to thank you all for a wonderful Spring Open House. There are so many kind people in this world and I enjoy every e~mail I receive.

Even though I've been busy I still have my morning walk around the garden everyday and I just wanted to post a quick note to show off a few spring bloomers that I love.

Every Spring my Mom and I say "This year the flowers are really amazing!" But I'm sure of it this time...all the flowering trees are extra stunning and beautiful. I have a white flowering dogwood that looks like a bouquet out of my daughters second-story room. I can't believe how tall this is and it is amazing to look down on all those cross-like flowers.In my Spring garden the tree peonies have started blooming seemingly overnight. Look at those buds! I'm like a proud mama with these.

Also the robin's nest is filled with eggs! I had to wait for the mother robin to leave and run and snap this shot. I still got yelled at but only for a second. I'll be on "baby duty" from now until early summer guarding all the little baby animals around the yard from my usually sweet cat. She has Spring fever also and really can't help herself.

Thanks for visiting and have a happy day!

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