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Friday, November 7, 2008

Thankful for thoughtful friends

"Which way to the show????"

Taking a break today from sewing. It's been a busy week. My lovely friend Audrey called last weekend to tell me there was a cancellation and this was short notice but did I want to send some of my wares with her to the Simple Goods show? hmmmm YES! That is one of the best shows around.

Just a little background here to catch you up.....Audrey and her husband David own 1824 Antiques which carries the best primitives around these parts. They are the kindest people you will ever meet and really go out of there way for you. If you visit their home, you really never want to leave.

"Blessed is the man who has the gift of making friends; For it is one of God's best gifts"

Audrey is a true kindred spirit and David is just a dream ~ hee hee! He'll get a kick out of that one....but its true!

So yesterday I dropped off a few boxes for the show because I can't go (yes I'm a little jealous). I had big plans for making so much more but unfortunately you gotta sleep sometime. Ohhh the antiques they are bringing will make you droll.....early textiles, old farm finds and some lovely pieces from a personal collection that many of you may know..... Jimmy Cramer of Seven Gates Farm. The truck was full and ready to go. They are probably setting up right now....did I say I'm a little jealous??? Until next time ~ blessings!

For more information on the Simple Goods Show and it's wonderful exhibitors here's a link: http://www.simplegoods.net/SimpleGoodsInfo.htm

If you'd like to visit Audrey and David, here are their links: http://www.1824antiques.com/index.html


ctlogcabin said...

Hi Ya Jenn ~~
Cute guys you have there...glad
to hear you were able to get some stuff to the show. Im with you on the Simple Goods Show...that is on my "To Do List". Would love to go one of these years, maybe thats where we will finally meet up... Im sure our paths have crossed many times. We seem to love the same stuff. :)
EnJoy the Week~End !!
Big Hugs ~~ Connie xox

Elm Hollow Primitives said...

Hello Jenn--
Just wanted to tell you I love the mice. I am a proud owner now of 2 mice. They were so adorable. We had lots of fun today at the show. 1824 Booth looked great as I knew it would. I agree Audrey and David are truely kind, good people. Check out my blog as I posted some pictures. Spread the word.
Tootalls, Donna

Thistlebrooms said...

Love seeing the family of MICE you made...
Don't worry, a LOT of us our jealous about not going BUT someday we just might get there...at least I hope I do...
Thanks for sharing your talents...

T.F.C. Folk Art said...

Hi Jenn~~ Wish you could have made it to the show. It would have been nice to meet you! I love your little mice!! Take care~Jackie

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