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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Primitive Gatherings Update

"Your wings already exist.  All you have to do is fly"

This is "Elizabeth's Garden".   I'm late for showing this here.  It's on the Primitive Gathering site now.  A hand stitched cloth painting using only early bits and pieces of old quilts and scraps recycled into a new piece of folk art.  Click on the link above for more info.  And to read more about Elizabeth's real garden click here.


Penelope's Beehive said...

Beautiful Jenn! Gentle, worn bits of cloth created with loving stitches. The piece looks as though it might be a reflection of what you see through your studio window.

Peaceful stitching...

Hugs, J

Anonymous said...

Hello Jenn~That is beautiful! Did you make it?
I love the quote too! Have a wonderful day!

Doreen said...

I just LOVE it Jenn!!! Wonderful job :)

Hugs, Doreen

Thistlebrooms said...

Great Job Jenn...
You do such authentic work there Lady!!!

I'm with Kathy about the quote also, NOW we all need to FLY a bit more!!!(ME especially)


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