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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yearning for Spring


Hello Everyone!

It sure has been a while.  Everyone in our house has been sick for March, taking turns.  It is still cold outside and spring has hardly sprung.  But the sun is shining today and the weatherman says it's suppose to warm up tomorrow and through the weekend ~ yipee!

I've dug some daffodils and other little bulbs from the garden to help get through this cold snowy spring we've been having.

This is one of my favorite corners of my house.

Lovely brown transferware has so many aspects of the garden in it.

My mom gave me this old birdcage years ago.  One of my favorite things to decorate with.

I hope you've had a wonderful Easter.  I can't stop eating my daughters Jelly Belly's.  There are so many flavors that you want to keep on trying "just one more".  That old Easter Bunny is trying to make Lydia's mom grow plump!  Eight more weeks until bathing suit season made me hide the beans today so I won't be tempted.  As you can see I'm still thinking about them though....

Hope your all happy.  Wishing you a lovely, lovely day!!

Jenn :)


earlene said...

What a cool idea what you did to the birdcage...I like that look Jenn.
We are suppose to get to 60 tomorrow! I'll take it!

Penelope's Beehive said...

Dearest Jenn...I am delighted to hear that your health, and that of your family is much improved!
What a lovely "favourite corner." It would be mine as well really...there are so many stories to tell. The birdie flavour is perfect, and if truth be told I covet the brown transferware beehives! Should the cup ever "go missing," you might wish to check MY cupboard!
Wishing you a splendid (almost) Springtime day!
With warm hugs to you...
Judy xx

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jenn,

How lovely your beautiful photos around the home are, love that you have brought in some daffodils for a little sunshine. The birdcage is lovely.
Sorry to hear that your family have had the flu, and hope that the Spring will be there soon and you will have some great weather.

Happy weekend

~Sara said...

Your home sure looks nice and springy! Love the colors.Glad that you are feeling better.Spring blessings~Sara

ctlogcabin said...

Dear Jenn ~~
Glad to hear you are all back
in good health, an happy to see
you post. The sun is out and
bright today, fingers crossed
it warms up.
Love your sweet corner and
everything you have in it.
Just checked some dates I am
in dire need of a PA fix. lol
Love & Hugs ~~ Connie xox

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