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Friday, August 22, 2008

Good Morning Morning Glory

This morning was beautiful. I'm sorry I missed getting pictures....the sunrise was magical. It made everything look like it was glowing gold. It happened so fast it was gone before I could grab my camera.

I did capture this little guy unknowingly...to him or me...I zoomed in on the morning glory picture above and found him.

To see some really great shots of hummingbirds visit Deena's Nestled in the Singing Woods blog here.

Autumn is definitely in the air. I'm sitting on our back porch and there is a little chill.

Also there are no songbirds singing just an occasional chirp from some bird proclaiming his territory.

My little keets are making enough noise though. They certainly are busy little things.

Today I am going to visit my good friend Audrey from 1824 Antiques. She lets me sell my wares from her shop. We are planning on working in the store to get it ready for a Fall Harvest Gathering on September 27 - 28. Hopefully we will get some work done...we have so much fun chatting we tend to forget working.
Her and David (her hubby) came to visit us this past weekend at our cottage on the Allegheny River. Such a nice surprise. She just started a blog, check it out here for another picture from her visit. http://1824antiques.blogspot.com/

I promise to have an update soon. I have been working hard but hardly working....lots of pieces and parts everywhere that will soon be a scarecrow, pumpkin, mousie, witch etc. I'm trying to get any last moments in with Lydia before she goes back to school on Monday. Next week once I get my ducks in order (or however you say it) I will have the date for you.

Have a happy morning! xoxoxo


La Donna Welter said...

Thank you for sharing the photos...the Morning Glory is so beautiful!

SweetAnnee said...

I love your Morning Glory..I have some on the fence this year..don't you just love the colors.
I see your sweet lil hummer too!
fondly, deena

Doreen said...

How beautiful. I do love morning glories. I have a couple of vines..one I planted..the other just started growing on it's own along my deck railing..i'm assuming the dear little birds planted it there for me.




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