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Friday, January 9, 2009

Good Morning!!

My mom sent this to me this morning. It's so funny and so true. Happy Friday!


Elm Hollow Primitives said...

Jenn-Very cute-Made me laugh. We to are owned by a cat. Mumu Kitty, she insist on getting up a 3;00 everymorning to go out. She is relentless till you get up and let her outside. By 7.00 when we are getting out the door she is ready to come back in and sleep all day.
Gotta Love Them.

Doreen said...

This is hysterical..and soooo true...my cat is exactly like this...although the bat thing I am unsure of...but you never know!


Thistlebrooms said...

Hey Jenn...
Love it!!! My daughter sent this to me in an email last year and I think I'm still Laughing...
I think everyone that has owned a Cat has 'Been There'...
Thanks for posting it...

ctlogcabin said...

Good Morning Jenn ~~
Cute cartoon !! Hope you & Lydia are having fun with the boys.
Thanks for stopping by and giving me their take on "Mi Lady". I love how everyone sees something different. EnJoy the Day !!
Go Giants !!! lol
Hugs ~ Connie xox

SweetAnnee said...

OH MY ..it's about how I was awakened..my crazy FAT cat wanting food.

smiles, Deena

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