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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time for change....

It's cold and dreary here with freezing rain and sleet in the forecast. These are the inside months that make me really crave being outside when I can't.....I still have 200+ daffodil bulbs to plant....do you think they will be okay?? Keeping busy though I've been working on some new and exciting ideas and some old boring things. One is cleaning up my sewing room from the craziness of the Christmas season. I actually put a chair behind the door so the cat wouldn't open it while we had company here! But I got through all the mess and everything is back in its right place pretty much.

On to the new and exciting....The first is "What's for Dinner Wednesday". Tried and true recipes with simple ingredients that I've made over and over again. Cooking is my way of thinking through things....I have always come up with my best ideas cooking and baking. It's also a destressor for me, especially the baking....when we have a lot of cookies in the house Dino knows something is wrong. I'll be starting this tomorrow with an old family recipe that my mom acquired at a family reunion many years ago.

The second idea I'll be telling you about in the next few days...I'm still working on the details and want you to come back to visit again. Am I keeping you in suspense? I didn't think so but please come back anyway.

I'm giving my website a new look and I've started changing the graphics and boy let me tell you anyone who does web design has a real time consuming job there. I'll be having an update for January later next week. But if you want to take a peak at the new colors and sign up for the updates here's a link. http://www.rabbithillprimitives.com/

Winter can be beautiful. We just need to slow down and appreciate it. Or at least have your husband slow the car to 40mph to take a few pictures! These were from our anniversary weekend last month....it was a magical winter wonderland! Have a happy day.


ctlogcabin said...

Hi Jenn ~ Wish we lived close by...you could come over for Tea & Something Nice and we could chat. Or I could stop by and maybe help you with some stuff. It sure would pass the cold days of winter. Cant wait to see your new page design. I stop by every few days..so I'll be back to see whats cooking.
Warm Hugs My Friend ~ Connie xox

Doreen said...

Jen, looking forward to see what you have in store...and I think every artist seems to have a messy studio....it's just what happens when we are creating!

Beautiful Pictures!

Take care,

Elm Hollow Primitives said...

Hi Jenn-Your page looks great. I will stop back tomorrow to see what your cooking. The weather here is so lousy. I worked from 9-8today and just wanted to curl up at home with the last few days of our christmas lights and trees. Hope your day went well.

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