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Monday, August 24, 2009

School Time

Goodbye summers lazy days! It's time for the new year to begin. If your a mom then you know the new year begins with the school year not January 1st. I can here pots and pans banging all over the neighborhood!

The beginning of the school year it is still my favorite once I know Lydia is settled in AND once I've come to realize I can't stop it. Plus it will be good to have a schedule again. I think us moms all feel that way. I know my mom did. Growing up every time a locust would cry out waaah, waaah, waaah, (can you hear it?) my mom would get a little twinkle in her eye. Now every time I hear a locust I freak out a bit that summer is almost over. Those last weeks before school starts I hear the locust say "swim at the pool" "go camping before its to cold" "your laziness is almost over" "hurry hurry hurry"....you get the picture.

Now that it's happened I am looking forward to autumn and the coziness of the season. I still miss my girl though.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jenn! I'm right there with you! I thought those noisey things were called kadydids? Oh well...I too have listened to them tell me that summer is over and autumn is coming! and yes, it's bittersweet, I was always a little sad when the kids started back to school. But, like you, it does mean more of a schedule and our favorite time...it feels like fall already, doesn't it! Enjoy! (:

Doreen said...

Hi Jenn. We listen to the katydid's here and know that summer is coming to a close. I loved having the kids home for summer vacation & was always a little sad when they went back to school but it did signal fall and all it's beauty....so it was a happy time as well :)

Hugs, Doreen

UPON A HILL said...

I am hearing the locust right now, even as I write you. Where did the summer go???

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