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Monday, August 10, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Two weeks away sure seemed like an eternity. It was good taking a break, turning off the computer and having fun with the family but now I'm back, antsy to start creating again. Plus I've missed everyone. I need to catch up on email and blog friends.

I haven't made dinner in two weeks either and never thought I would say this but I'm tired of eating out. I miss home cooked meals on our back porch and have lots planned for the week.

Today is going to be hot and muggy here in PA. I've got some shipping to do and a few things to work on this morning. Then Lydia and I are headed to the pool and I can't believe it but it's time to shop for school clothes....two weeks until the craziness begins. I'm gonna miss my baby.

I'll be posting about new creations, our vacation, a special recipe and more later this week. Have a happy one today and always.


Thistlebrooms said...

Hey Jenn...
Sounds like you had a WELL deserved rest (everyone needs that)

Your right about shopping for school clothes, Catherine has one more week of camp counselor (Boy Scout Camp) then its off shopping too!!! She'll be a senior this year (talk about where time has gone...)

Enjoy the last days of Hot & Muggy August (here too)...Crisp Autumn Air will Come...

Always My Best...Marilyn

UPON A HILL said...

Stay cool in this heat. We here in Ohio have the same thing. Enjoy your day!

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