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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

FALLing behind

We've had chilly mornings here in Pennsylvania. I've brought out the wool blankets and have been lighting fires in the evening. It's been so cozy.

Autumn is definitely here and we are almost at our peak with the trees changing colors. Above is one of my favorite old trees by the church across the street from our house. I love watching it every fall. On the grounds is an old cemetery with some of the stones dating back to late 1700's, it's very interesting but kind of spooky when your trick or treating.

I have done a little decorating around here. On our front porch swing is a quilt that I bought from my friend Audrey at 1824 Antiques. It's a cutter quilt. Once I got it home, I just couldn't cut it. The colors are too beautiful....browns, greens, blues, and butterscotch calicos and homespuns. The backing is a wonderful old blue ticking. It makes me happy therefore no cutting will be done on this one.

Fall is also a busy time of year around here with my Dad, Dino and Lydia's birthday all falling within a month of each other. Of course we have to have parties. We do love to party....anything to eat, drink and be merry. Please if you know what's good for you try the Pioneer Woman's Pecan Pie. (I really do have a crush on her.) I made it for my Dad/Dino's birthday....not for them of course but for those of "us" who do not like cake. "Us" meaning mostly me. I could eat pie every day, it's just another food group here.

The Simple Goods show is coming up quickly and I've been stitching my fingers to the bone. How do you know when you have enough? How do you know what is going to sell? What to price them at? These things run though my mind daily....I do a lot of thinking and praying while sewing. What do you all look for while shopping for primitives?

Enjoy the week and thank you for stopping by. Sending warm thoughts your way.....Jenn


TheKeepingroom said...

Lovely pictures Jenn,I have quilt very simular to yours on my porch swing.
I hope I can make it to The Simple Goods Show!

Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Jenn!....I can't believe the differences in the weather just a state away!....it was 80 here today which is much too warm for me!....combine that with hot flashes and the thought of a blanket makes me wanna run and scream! LOL


Doreen said...

Joyous Fall to you Jenn. We too have been having cold weather....toasty fires and cozy nights under wool blankets :) I LOVE IT.

Best of luck at your upcoming show....You will do great I AM sure!!! You never ever think you have enough for a show....just go with what you have...and do the best you can and remember to have some smalls available..it's always good to have several things in the $10-20.00 range for folks who want something from you..but can't always afford the larger items :)

Hugs, D

ctlogcabin said...

Morning Jenn ~~ I'm so Jealous...j/k I didn't know you were going to the Simple Goods Show, Good for you. I know you will do well, you have Wonderful Creations. Now more than ever I wish I was going...it seems every year to be just a taaaaad out of my reach. lol. I made your squash bars alot this summer..they were great, thanks for sharing. My local paper had a article on the Pioneer Woman's Blog in our food section..(neat huh) will check out her pie recipe soon.
Love & Hugs ~ Connie xox

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn! I love your blog all dressed for the fall~so pretty! I defintely wouldn't cut the quilt either..it's beautiful! I enjoy Pioneer Woman's blog too!(: Best wishes for you at your show, I know you will do wonderfully well!
Thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit!
Oh, and I would choose pie over cake every time! (:

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