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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


(I hate coming up with a post title...how about that clever one above?)
I was suppose to start back to work today buuuut I decided to make bread and soup instead. It's that kind of a day.
I'm on this kick right now to figure out Dino's nonna's (grandma's) bread recipe. She's been gone for awhile now and spoke Italian anyways. 
She had the BEST bread, 
and no one has her recipe.  
I've been talking to Dino's family, compiling what they remember. 
This was my second attempt....any tips would be appreciated.
It needs to be chewier/heavier I think. 
And someone mentioned they thought she used crisco ~ anyone??
xxo Jenn

1 comment:

Draffin Bears said...

Happy new year Jenn, to you and your family and hope it will be the best year for you all.
Shame that your Nona did not pass on her bread recipe - yours looks good.
I find kneading the bread a lot makes for a better bread.
Making bread and soup sounds better than work - in saying that I should be out painting some skirting boards - must get started now.

Happy week

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