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Monday, January 18, 2010

I don't know what it is about January......

but maybe because the holidays are over and all the pretty decorations are put away I am inspired to move furniture and change everything in my house. Seems like a lot of this is going around.  Right now my mind is churning with ideas for the kitchen (please don't tell Dino...he'll have a coronary).

Let me tell you that I am addicted to movie houses and I really obsess over scenes in certain movies so I watch them on YouTube over and over again.

This is my kitchen...kind of blaahhh.  I don't know what I want.  It's not very warm and inviting.  I just took the table out so it even looks colder now.  NOT a movie kitchen.

The "Holiday" movie kitchen would be my dream kitchen. Unfortunately where there is that gorgeous fireplace I have a back door so the fireplace is out. Plus there is so much more room in this kitchen.

I love Practical Magic's kitchen with the back stairs coming down into the kitchen. Ohh don't you just love houses with back stairs?

It's funny because both of those were sets. The houses were actually built just for the movie and then torn down afterwards (sad).

This one is from "Must Love Dogs". I could waste days just watching Dianne Lane movies!  This is the only picture I could find of her movie kitchen. I loved this big eat-in kitchen, it's so comfy looking.

Another favorite "You've Got Mail" has been on TV lately.  Meg Ryan's brownstone apartment is one that I'm fascinated with. Lots of little antiques everywhere....very warm and cozy.

Instead of 2010 being the year of the tiger, I'm hoping it will be the year of the kitchen.  But for now I have this

and a lot of dreaming..........and more movies!


Patti said...

I hope that 2010 is the year of your dream kitchen!

I waited 23 years (13 in our current home) to get my dream kitchen. Well, as close as I could get ~ no fireplace for me either lol.

Can't wait for your Thursday update!

Blessings, Patti

Janet - underthewillow said...

I hope that you get your dream kitchen someday Jenn! You deserve it!


kim said...

I can see three open shelves above the stove to hold mixing bowls, etc. Handmades on the very top. Then painting the cabinets that wash of blue in the "Holiday" picture. Adding big wood knobs like that one too. Also did you notice the floor is like your floor?! Just a rug under table. Anyway just what I saw might bring it closer to a "movie set" kitchen:)
take care

Theresa said...

You've Got Mail is my all time fave movie. I too loved the kitchen. I am the same way, I always notice the decor in movies. Glad I am not the only one:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn~I would love to have a fireplace in our kitchen too..so cozy..with a couple of high back chairs in front! I always notice the movie set houses too, and I love your picks!
Do you remember the house from Stepmom? loved that one too! What color are your cabinets?
Your kitchen looks pretty cozy to me! I hope you get the one you are dreaming of very soon!

Thistlebrooms said...

Where did you ever get that first photo????? It's what I guess WE all feel about January!!!
You really seem to have ALL the kitchens & Movies I Love posted. One thing you have to remember Jenn, Is that they are just MOVIES...and they can afford to do whatever they want...$$$ is NOT the problem there my friend...
Oh, How about the Kitchen in 'Something's Gotta Give' with Diane Keaton & Jack Nicholson!!! The Beach House in 'The Hamptons' (Long Island)...Just give me a Big Old Kitchen!!!
You seem to have the same taste in actress's as I do, movies that make me smile and Under NO circumstances Scare Me, Frighten Me To Death OR Bloody Thrillers!!! Just Pure and Simple Delightful Entertainment...
Ok, 'nuff said...
Enjoy your Week and Hope All's well...

Doreen said...

Our taste are so much alike..it's amazing...!!! I have long drooled over those very same kitchens!!! I saw a wonderful kitchen the other day while watching a movie and I thought of you..wanted to tell you about it..and now I've forgotten what the movie was...give me a bit..and I'll think of it!!!

AND YES.. Marilyn is right....the kitchen in Somethings Gotta Give..is wonderful...as is the whole house!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day..and a gorgeous new kitchen in your future..however...i do love your little kitchen Jenn....i think it's lovely.

Hugs, Doreen

Linda* ~ TheKeepingroom said...

You are so right about January, it's the month for change.
I do love me some back steps!
All the kitchens you posted have that White Farm Fresh look, keep that in mind and I think when you start your project and I can't wait to see the results!

UPON A HILL said...

I hope that this is your year for your kitchen also! Thanks for sharing the pictures of what you are desiring in your heart

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