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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Flowers on Parade ~ Part Uno

Peonies that I have from my Grandparent's house

This morning was gorgeous here in PA. We have a stream (Pittsburgher's call them "Criks") that runs below our house here on the hill that has lots of locust trees and wild roses blooming around it. The air had a thick and heady sweet smell, just as I imagine heaven to smell like. Wish I could can it up for those cold winter days!

I am always surprised by how fast spring comes and goes. Here we are with Memorial Day past and before you know it fireworks will be lighting up the sky.

I have a little garden journal that I never seem to have time to write in except a few entries during the spring. Thank goodness I have this blog so that I can go back during a slow time (ha ha ha) and fill in the blanks. Last year in June I did a "Garden Tour for a Cure" with a bunch of other bloggers. I had taken photos of my garden and 40th birthday party and somehow (hmmmm) the whole bunch got deleted. The day before the tour I went to my mom's house and took photos of her garden but never had a chance to go back and retake mine. I've got a lot missing in the journal from last year. That's one reason I'm adding these. The other is I've got bloggers block and this gives me something to post about.

There is so much going on right now it’s hard to know where to focus the eye, or the camera but I think I got most of it or at least most of what I want to remember. Today I'm posting pictures of my "Sunny Garden" and later this week I'll add in the "Woodland Garden".

Mountain Bluets (Centaurea Montana) Love these shaggy blue flowers...they re-seed everywhere.

Blue delphiniums always make me smile

An old fashioned single rose growing up through the dogwood (can't remember her name?)

This peony is part of the graph of one of the tree peonies. It split away from it's host...a nice surprise.

Pink Foxglove...A mother's day present from my mom.

Rosa Rugosa smells wonderful

A favorite for the bees and the cats....Catmint "Nepeta Walkers Low"

Lady's Mantle and Hardy Geraniums

An old pink rhododendron...one of the few plants I kept when we moved into our home

Thought I lost this rose when the tree fell on our house last year. "Rosa Ballerina", she's a hardy little thing!

In front of my new studio ~ still so much work to do there.
As I always like to tell Dino "A garden has a beginning and a middle but never an end." Now back to work for me here. Thanks always for visiting! xoxo Jenn


basketsnprims said...

Jenn ~
Your flowers are gorgeous. I have a few of the same but we are way behind you here in Michigan. We call it a "crik" here, too. Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing such beautiful photos.

Doreen said...

Jenn..what BEAUTIFUL flowers and photos...Delphiniums are one of my favorite flowers..I never can seem to grow them though..they will come up the year I plant them...and then never again...guess they do not wish to be perennials for me! Thank you for sharing your wonderful photo's with us!


Raggedy Angel said...

So Lovely! Beth

Anonymous said...

Jenn! Your flowers are just gorgeous! Peonies are just about my favorite! And those Roses!
Just beautiful! You have a green thumb indeed!
Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures! hugs~Kathy

SweetAnnee said...

Your garden is wonderful.. thanks for sharing..I love the foxgloves too..Let me know if they weather over the winter.. I have one lone plant that has.. Is yours in full sun.

your friend Deena

Tracy said...

I think the old fashioned roses are my favorite!

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