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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Intentions

I had them...

Back on April 7th I blogged about the "Great Sunflower Project". They send you seeds and you count the number of bees in a half-hour, then email it in for research on why the bees are disappearing. This is one of the few Lemon Queen sunflowers that came up. I don't think they liked my soil. I envisioned large beautiful sunflowers in my veggie garden, I got daisy sized flowers. They are the tiniest sunflowers I've ever seen. I will start counting today if the little bees can find them :)

Today is the update for the Primitive Gatherings....go there and check out the great stuff by great artists. I've listed a primitive little witchy and a few jack-o-lanterns.

It's been a crazy few weeks getting ready for the Country Farmers Fall Gathering this weekend at 1824 Antiques. Keep your fingers crossed for no rain!

I did manage to sneak away last Saturday for the Shaker Woods Antiques in the Woods Festival in Columbiana Ohio. Did anyone else go? It was the perfect day with the feel of fall in the air. The woods smelled so good with vendors cooking over an open kettle.

I found a few treasures and some presents. I particularly love old books especially childrens books. I also collect anything with little rabbits. So happy when I found this...."Timothy Crunchit the Calico Bunny" I haven't read it yet so I don't know why he is the calico bunny but I love the title and the sweet illustrations inside.

It was a good day...a well needed day away.

That's it. I'm headed back to work and....



Doreen said...

Good afternoon. I too love old childrens books..I have a pretty small collection. ..not nearly as much as I want!

So sorry about the small sunflowers..they are lovely even if they are small..... they say the bee's are disappearing...but this year...we've had more honey bee's on our flowers than we EVER have..it's odd!

Best of luck with the show..i'll keep my fingers crossed for grande weather for you :)

Hugs, Doreen

Anonymous said...

Oh Jenn! I wanted to go to that show!!! I thought that it was in October?! Poo! ...Okay, now I'm going to "gather myself" and say "oh well, maybe next time"! I think your sunflowers are beautiful! (: Fall blessings friend~Kathy

Anonymous said...

Keep those fingers busy! Tons of people have called! It's gonna be so fun! Pat is making chili and it will be so yummy! Hey, look at the Antiques in the Woods website! Congratulation to Denise from Sister Three and Me (from our area!)! Her booth won first place! Her picture is on there! Love those children books myself! See ya soon!

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