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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Decorating Part 2 ~ Living Room

My living room has very simple changes that make it feel a little more seasonal.  

Using natural things is mostly how I decorate.  

I like a mixture of vintage, organic, farmhouse, and anything pretty ~ that's what makes me happy :)


My color palette in the living room was inspired by the Dogwood Tree....whites, greens and browns.

Our fireplace was so ugly when we moved in.  Dino and I chipped it down to these bricks the first week.  We had intended to refinish it but I sort of liked it this way. 

I did not get as many hydrangea's as I would have liked this year thanks to the deer snacking on them all summer.

Brown transferware is my favorite color ....especially any with a little bird or two (or three!).

This chair was a Christmas present from Dino one year. I love the cherries on it's pressed back ~ so different!

My mom hates these pillows, but they reminded me of lettuce so too bad mom :) 

Another pretty pillow from Home Goods.  I have a problem love with pillows.

  My knitting chair ~ someday I will finish that shawl on top of the basket.

This is an old watercolor painting I found for $3.00.  See the little sheep? I want to live there.

I actually made myself something this year ~ brown pumpkins from old velvet.  Don't you just love the stem on the left? 

 Some things just make me so happy.  Doesn't this look just like a nesting goose.  A treasure!

I hope you enjoyed my house.  Have a great day and thank you always for visiting.
xxoo Jenn


Tiff said...

Oh how I love this room!! So beautiful. I'm trying to get this color palette in my family room(away from the dark prim look) but it hasn't been an easy transition because of our giant dark leather sectional... but I'm slowly transforming the room. Yours is truly an inspiration room.


Patti said...

your home is breath taking; just beautifukl and so cozy.. like I said before... absolutely magazine quality... loved it all,, thanks for sharing!!!!

Penelope's Beehive said...

Oh Jenn...how very lovely...simple, uncluttered, restful. So cozy and welcoming. Thank you for sharing such loveliness!
Sending hugs your way ...
Judy x

Julie Zakrzewski said...

Hi Jenn,
I echo sweet Judy's words and add one more...tranquil!! Really lovely and it reminds me so much of a house I used to live in when I lived in Harrisburg, PA! We also had a fireplace and a white stair case too!! I had to take a second look!!
Thank you for sharing your sweet home!!
Warm Hugs~~

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jenn,

Your room is beautiful and love the colour on the walls and everything about it. The dried hydrangeas always look great in a basket.
Thank you for showing us around.
Happy day

primlin56 said...

such a wonderful room....I love everything about it......I have been doing a lot more lighter brighter tones in my home too....I grew so tired of the drab and the darkness in most prim homes.....thanks for sharing...cant wait to see your Christmas decor

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