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Friday, February 26, 2010

Inspiration Friday again!!

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain"

~Viviane Greene

or should we say "it's about learning to dance in the SNOW!"  That has always been one of my favorite quotes and I try and remember that every time I get frustrated or sad about something.  There is always someone worse off in this world.  

Saying that, I'm dreaming about this:

But really it's like this: 

I'm imagining myself in a giant snow globe that someone has just held while dancing the jitterbug!  It really is pretty outside right now.  It is a good night.  I'm just taking a little break from working on a litter of bunnies and making blondies.  My friend Jessica sent me the recipe this morning and seeing how I'm slightly hormonal in that give me something sweet or I'll knock you out kind of way,  I NEED them.  And ohh my they smell so good.  Something you probably shouldn't eat at 9:30 p.m. in the evening but hey I'm dancing here so it all balances out ~ right?? 

Also this evening I'm finishing up something new that I'm LOVING so far.  It's  for the Early Work Mercantile update on Monday, March 1st (beautiful March).  I'll post a picture then but to give you a little  hint I'm using all early and old fabrics and mostly in blues.  Oh and there might be a hint of spring to it.  That's it no more!  

Well my blondies just came out of the oven.  Here's a picture:  
I'll post the recipe sometime soon.  I need to eat them now! 

Have a good one and keep on keepin' on as my Texas cousins say!  xoxox Jenn


Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Jenn!....I can't wait to see what you're makin'! whatever it is, I'm sure it's fantastic!

and I don't know what blondies are, looks like a brownie of some sort?....sure looks yummy!


ctlogcabin said...

Jenn ~~ Beautifl pics...the Spring & the Winter.
Also the Blondies look yummmmy, EnJoy !! Look forward to seeing your newest creation.
Keep Warm & Snug My Friend !!
Love & Hugs ~~ Connie xox

Linda* ~ TheKeepingroom said...

I'm dancing in the snow here too. I am so ready to take off my Uggs ( even though I love them) and break out ny flip flops.
There's nothing better than a sweet treat just befor bed...that's my favorite time to eat....yeah, I know that's not good!
Keep danciing.

Karen ~ Life In A Primitive English Cottage said...

Hi Jenn, I sent you an email Saturday, shall you let me know if you got it ok, thanks Karen. PS can't wait to see what you working on!

Doreen said...

MMMMM!! Those blondies look good!

Can you IMAGINE having a chicken coop that looks like this...oh my goodness...it's my dream to have that!

Wishing you a wonderful day Jenn..and I can't wait to see your new offerings!

Hugs, Doreen

Thistlebrooms said...

My Gosh Jenn, Can I share the Chicken Coop with them...Looks like they live in a piece of Heaven there.

Anyway, got back today and I do agree with you that I should have stayed down in Florida a bit longer!!! (What was I thinking???)

Your Blondies look tasty like most of your delights...

Wishing you a warmer night my friend...


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