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Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's almost game time....Superbowl 43!

A teacher in Phoenix Arizona asked her class to raise their hands if they were a Cardinal's fan. Everyone raised their hands except one little girl Janie. The teacher said "Janie, maybe you didn't hear my question. I asked everyone to raise their hand who was a Cardinal's fan." Janie said "I'm not a Cardinal's fan, I'm a Steeler's fan" "My dad is from Pittsburgh and he is a Steeler's fan. My mom is from Pittsburgh and she is a Steeler's fan so that is why I'm a Steeler's fan." The teacher said "Just because your mom and dad are Steeler's fans doesn't mean you have to be also. What if your mom was a moran and your dad was an idiot?" Little Janie thought about this and replied "I guess I would be a Cardinal's fan."

Hee hee all in good fun! Born and raised in Pittsburgh I could be nothing else but a Steeler's Fan! Have a fun day. Go Steelers!


Tracy said...

Love it Jenn!

Elm Hollow Primitives said...

Jenn-We our one proud City today. What a game-My stomach is still in knots. Like coach Tomlin said we play 60 minutes of football. Nothing like waiting till the last 60 seconds to win. Have a great day.
Tootalls Donna
PS-love the post

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