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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rabbit Hill Primitives Primitive Gathering Update

The Primitive Gathering Group has been updated for the month of February. Below are just a few photos of my offerings...had fun making these using only old fabrics. I've been having problems uploading pictures to my blog....has anyone else? I've found another way around it unfortunately they are thumbnails but if you click on them I think they will get big?? I love a challenge!

To visit The Primitive Gathering and see the rest of the many talented artists there, click the title above or the link on the right ~~ I can't add links in my post either :( Hope this will be fixed soon.

Have a happy day!

Oh and I've got some new things on ebay this week and am working on an update for next week....I'll keep you posted! Thanks always for visiting me....Jenn

Early Style Pen Wipe Mouse


Primitive Rosie ~ Early Looking Black Sock Bottle Doll

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